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Develop master site planning and strategic organizational direction.
From land trusts, to schools, to preserves and sanctuaries, AppleSeed supports land-holding institutions with their fundamental strategic, master site planning, and resource stewardship questions. 
Master Site Planning

We draw on 15 years of ecological design and master planning experience to guide your organization in developing your landscape’s next chapter.
The scope and deliverables are determined by the questions you are attempting to answer for the property, the level of detail in those questions required for implementation to begin, and your timeline and available budget. Each project is uniquely customized to meet your needs and the property.
Common components of Master Site Plans can include:

  • Detailed landscape analyses of water, forest or wetland communities, field or pasture conditions, microclimates, soils, and/or wildlife habitats, including digital maps and/or reports,
  • Conceptual design sketches that reveal broad possibilities for site use and/or agriculture systems,
  • Digitally rendered schematic design alternatives to share and incorporate client feedback,
  • Final detailed digital designs and/or planting plans, with narrative implementation guidelines,
  • Implementation budget estimates for non-architectural design elements (i.e. orchards; plantings; field treatments; water or earthwork installations; etc.), to allow for buildout planning and sequencing,
  • Organizational planning and detailed enterprise budgeting.

    Farm Sanctuary

    Farm Sanctuary, the oldest farm animal rescue sanctuary in the US, engaged AppleSeed to support master campus planning serving the diverse needs of thousands of annual visitors, hundreds of resident animals, dozens of onsite staff, and a full-service veterinary hospital. We assembled and led a multi-firm professional team to support all aspects of site evaluation, planning, and engineering, including the development of new ecotourism hospitality enterprises and a comprehensive redesign of roadways, layouts, and animal habitat qualities on the property to improve both animal, visitor, and staff experience.


    Rocky Corners Co-Housing

    AppleSeed collaborated with a diverse professional design team to create an integrated, beautiful, functional Master Plan for the state of Connecticut’s first co-housing community, with siting and landscape design for 25-35 housing units and integrated agricultural systems. As context and grounding for the project, AppleSeed deeply researched the context, history, and principals of the community’s surrounding place, supported a multi-stakeholder group to articulate and refine community goals, and performed detailed landscape analysis to inform site layout and master planning.

Strategic Organizational Development

AppleSeed is proud to offer strategic planning and consulting for businesses and nonprofit organizations seeking to make a difference at the leading edge of social and ecological change. We support your organization’s strategic leadership through: 

  • Engaging the uniqueness of your organization’s character, positioning, and purpose; 
  • Understanding the essential story and nature of your place and bioregion, and its implications for your organization’s positioning and potential; 
  • Growing the potential and capacity of your offerings, programs, and resources by aligning them with your organization’s unique story and context;
  • Systematic strategic planning to deeply understand your value propositions and how best to deliver them to your stakeholders.  

Contact us for more details and a conversation to explore your goals and strategic planning needs.   -    845-377-5444  -  PO Box 3 High Falls, NY 12440