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Climate Resilience and Adaptation
The impacts of the climate crisis are here: rising temperatures and tidelines, more storms with greater intensity and frequency, more severe droughts and heatwaves, disappearing biodiversity, continuous refugee and migration crises, more frequent power outages and water shortages. These effects are all already impacting millions around the globe and across North America. 

The good news: 
  1. We know what’s happening.
  2. We can work to understand what’s coming in the years ahead. 
  3. We can apply whole systems thinking and leadership inspired by the wisdom of nature to strengthen our social and ecological communities for the deepening challenges of the 21st century. 

As municipalities, non-profits, community organizers, and individuals, we can collaborate to adapt to climate disruption and repair the web of life.
Introduction to Community Climate Adaptation Workshop
Available in evening or half-day formats.
What can you and your community do to proactively respond to these challenging situations where you live? How can you utilize your existing spheres of influence to make a difference towards climate adaptation and resilience? How can you apply ecological design thinking to develop solutions uniquely suited to your place and community?

The Introduction to Community Climate Adaptation Workshop provides a facilitated opportunity to bring concerned stakeholders in your community together, to more deeply understand the climate challenges facing your community, and to put ecological design thinking into practice to reimagine your community’s climate readiness and adaptability.  
Advanced Climate  Adaptation Workshop
Available in evening or half-day formats following an Introduction to Community Climate Adaptation Workshop.
Community-driven workshops focused on issues and topics of particular relevance to the community follow the initial Community Climate Adaptation Workshop. Once we lay the foundations for future directions/ explore climate resilience issues and opportunities, we offer these focused follow-up workshops to engage more deeply with a particular issue and identify concrete, relevant, and actionable steps to follow within your area of influence.

The overwhelming nature of any one of the climate crisis’s many facets can quickly entice us to cynicism. Fortunately, we all can design meaningful interventions, whether within the entities and resources we control, or through inviting specific others to collaborate and/or offer specific resources to those already working on solutions.
  • Advanced Climate Adaptation Workshop

    Insect Population Collapse

    Insect populations are collapsing worldwide under the stressors of climate change, environmental toxins, and habitat loss. We can take action now to reverse this trend and stabilize these crucial populations of life at the base of the food web. This workshop will explore in detail ecological design interventions to rebuild pollinator and native insect habitats in your place and community. We will discuss design and pollinator support systems for multiple scales - home, neighborhood/town, farm, and watershed. Can be followed up with (or expanded to include) a design charrette process that develops customized plans for specific pollinator habitat interventions and restorations in your community.

  • Advanced Climate Adaptation Workshop

    Thinking Like a Watershed

    The effects of climate change extend across property boundaries, and the many responses and solutions at our disposal must as well. This participatory community workshop will zoom out from the scale of an individual property or farm to practices of watershed-scale climate resilience planning and climate adaptive design. Come explore how landowners, neighborhoods, farms, and public landholders in your community can collaborate to help adapt to climate disruption and repair the larger web of life in our times of planetary crisis. The focus will be on the hydrologic cycle and water systems under stress from climate change, and strategies of stormwater management and flood preparedness that support your community’s resilience.

Climate Resilience Planning
Appropriate for municipalities, organizations, or community groups ready to invest in long-term planning and strategic thinking to respond to climate change. 
Our firm will work with your team to identify specific challenges and problems, then identify and call in partners. Together with these partners, we will articulate a goal and develop an approach to your response. Our collaborative approach seeks to keep your team at the center of the proposed solutions, while employing our expertise to guide details. 

Climate Resilience Planning offers an opportunity to put ecological design thinking into practice to generate proactive responses appropriate for your place.   -    845-377-5444  -  PO Box 3 High Falls, NY 12440